THE GOODNESS OF FLUORIDE : Word Smile made of toothpaste on blue background, top view


When you prepare your favourite meal, you do not leave out that favourite spice; that ingredient that makes all the difference.
When you buy your favourite toothpaste, ensure it has fluoride.

THE GOODNESS OF FLUORIDE : 3D tooth with toothpaste on it.


Everyone wants strong healthy teeth, a healthy set of teeth makes for great smiles.
Fluoride is one thing that keeps our teeth strong and makes our teeth resistant to decay.
Holes are formed in the teeth when bacteria act on sugars we eat and produce acids that cause decay. As teeth decay, they cause discomfort and pain that can be severe. Many people have also lost some teeth as a result of tooth decay.

THE GOODNESS OF FLUORIDE : An illustration of happy smiling teeth with toothbrush and toothpaste on them
THE GOODNESS OF FLUORIDE : Word Smile made of toothpaste on blue background, top view

do you want healthy teeth?

One of the simplest ways to fight holes is by using a fluoridated toothpaste to brush. In some cases, your dentist may give you some fluoride treatment to further strengthen the teeth and prevent those holes.
In some other climes, the community water or store bought foods are fluoridated.

Remember to check the labels on a toothpaste before you buy it. The use of a fluoridated toothpaste with the right brushing technique , good oral hygiene practices and a healthy diet is a great way to keep healthy teeth.

It’s important to get fluoride in the right amounts. There are some geographical locations in Nigeria where the residents are exposed to excess fluoride which causes an unhealthy discolouration of their teeth.
Talk to your dentist for further information. 

We hope you get the point now.
Don’t believe that little birdie that says fluoride is not good for your teeth.


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