Care for your teeth : Image showing happy woman at the dental clinic

Care for your teeth in 2020? After the COVID-19 pandemic, should that even be a consideration?

Every new year comes with fresh expectations, plans are made, decisions are taken and resolutions are made. At the beginning of the year, people around the world make decisions to save more, eat better, live better or even take out more time to rest. As we move from quarter to quarter, those decisions and resolutions may evolve.


The year 2020 has been a year like no other and the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the course of many things. However, plans for 2020 should not end until you have made plans for your teeth.

We are getting to the end of the third quarter in 2020 and we wonder how you have been taking care of your teeth.

Taking care of your pearly whites will require some effort but is very rewarding.

Nothing compares to the confidence you have when your teeth are clean and healthy.

Here are some top tips to guide you through Q4:

Care for your teeth : Image showing happy woman at the dental clinic


This mantra never grows old.

Cleaning your mouth twice a day is key to keeping a healthy clean mouth.

Plaque builds up so quickly and brushing twice a day helps to remove that build up.

Dental decay is a result of bacteria feeding on sugars in your mouth and producing acids that dissolve your teeth. Brushing twice a day will help to prevent this.

As you shop for toiletries, ensure the toothpaste brand you pick contains fluoride as an ingredient.

Not only should you check the ingredients panel for this, but the quantity is also important.

Hard bristle toothbrushes are a no-no, they damage the gums and wear away the teeth, which can result in dental hypersensitivity.

Children younger than 8 years should use soft-bristle toothbrushes

Brushing the wrong way will lead to more harm than good.

It can cause serious damage to your gums and teeth.

Ask your dentist to teach you the proper brushing technique.

No part of your mouth should be left out when you clean.

Brushing the soft tissues of your mouth especially your tongue prevents you from harbouring germs and reduces mouth odour.

Cleaning between each tooth requires interdental cleaning aids like a dental floss or interdental brushes. A regular toothbrush alone is unable to clean between the teeth properly.

Interdental cleaning should be done during teeth brushing and after meals.

It is essential to carryout interdental cleaning at least once a day.

What better way to start the fourth quarter of the year than to pay a visit to your dentist for a routine examination.

A visit to the dentist is a breath of fresh air after all the restrictions during the lockdown season.

A timely visit will save you dimes and remind you of all the things you should do to care for your teeth.

Care for your teeth : Image showing doctors taking care of a tooth

As we step into the fourth quarter of the year 2020, don’t ignore any dental complaints.

Visit the dentist as soon as you notice anything abnormal in your mouth.

It is advised that a visit to the dentist at least every six months is essential, even if you have no complaints or discomfort. That’s a very important step to take as you care for your teeth.

Book an appointment with one of our dentists today!

Care for your teeth : image showing social distancing and the new normal in 2020

As we have been hearing for months, welcome to the New Normal!

  • Wash your hands frequently or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Use a face mask when you are outdoors
  • Practise physical distancing
  • Practise personal hygiene
  • Avoid spreading false news
  • Call your physician if you feel unwell


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