Taking care of your child's teeth : Image showing pregnant woman

Taking care of your child’s teeth is something you should consider even from the prenatal period.

Mr and Mrs Okilo didn’t know this before their daughter was born but they had to learn.

It was 9 am on a beautiful Saturday morning; his wife had travelled the previous day to see her mother, leaving him to cater for their 9-month-old daughter. Their daughter, baby Ruth hardly cried, except when it was time to brush her teeth and the struggle to brush her teeth was what Mr. Okilo feared the most. He planned to speak with their dentist at Schubbs Dental Clinics, confident that she will have good advice for them.

Most parents have experienced Mr. Okilo’s struggles to keep their child’s teeth clean and it can be very challenging. However, the struggle does not have to be that bad if you consult your dentist early, even before you get pregnant.

Taking care of your child’s teeth starts before pregnancy and continues after the child is born.


The heart of a parent is filled with love and affection for the child right from the womb. Parents work hard to leave a good legacy for their children. In building that legacy, one building block should not be left out – care of your child’s teeth.

What beautiful legacy to build for your child, the legacy of a healthy and well-cared for mouth!
Show your child you care, plan for the care of your child’s teeth even before pregnancy.

  • Book a dental appointment as soon as you get married.
    Ask your dentist for tips on oral health and ways to form good oral habits as a family; this will help you put the right plans in place.
  • Your child’s oral health starts with you!
    Ask your dentist to educate you on medications that can have negative effects on your unborn child’s mouth and teeth if taken during pregnancy.
  • Mom, if your oral hygiene is not great, it affects your child negatively.
    If a mother practices poor oral hygiene, her child will be more prone to tooth decay after birth.
  • Healthy mom, healthy baby!
    If a mother gets sick during pregnancy, she should see a doctor immediately and avoid self-medication.
  • Eat healthy, Mom!
    The growing unborn child depends on the mother for nutrition.
  • If you have older children, ensure that their oral hygiene is good. This reduces the risk of bacterial transmission among siblings.
    Ensure your older children form good oral habits, they will soon be setting a pace for the unborn child to follow when he or she is born.

Dad and Mum, hope you had a great read, please watch out for the article on Baby Ruth’s new teeth.
The article gives you tips to help you care for your child’s teeth after birth.

Always remember, no child is too difficult, we can show you how to look after your children’s milky whites. Book an appointment with one of our dentists today!

No matter how old you are, there’s care  for you at Schubbs Dental Clinics!

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