DENTAL INJURIES IN CHILDREN : Image showing broken teeth in an African child


Dental injuries in children are so common, it makes sense to know how to prevent them.
As they say, prevention is better than cure.

DENTAL INJURIES IN CHILDREN : Image showing broken teeth in an African child

dental injuries in children

Mrs. Danjuma’s story…

Mrs. Danjuma rushed into her sitting room when she heard the sound. She got to the sitting room to find her daughter face down on the tiled floor, her heart skipped a beat as she feared the worst. Last month, it was Bayo, her neighbour’s child, his teeth fell out while playing.

She helped her daughter up, anxious to check her teeth. Her heart sank as she looked at her daughter’s teeth, the edges were chipped. Thankfully, the teeth didn’t fall out, but they were not looking good.

She knew there had to be a way to prevent such injuries.


Dental injuries are very common and about one-half of all children will suffer a tooth injury. Tooth injuries result from falls, road traffic accidents, sports, violence and child abuse.
There are things parents can put in place at home to help prevent accidents and dental injuries. That popular saying “prevention is better than cure” definitely holds true.

The following tips may help.


Do not leave your children to play all by themselves.

While playing or walking about indoors, ensure your little children wear well-fitting anti-slip shoes that have good floor grip.

This is especially important if the floors are tiled.

Ensure there are no objects or toys lying around.

Don’t leave room for slips. Wipe liquid spills immediately.

Ensure the outdoor area is clear and free of dangerous objects or huge stones before letting your children out to play.

Ensure your children wear anti-slip firm-grip shoes, and not flip-flops whilst playing outdoors.

While playing, ensure your children wear clothes that will not make them trip and fall, even if they have to play dress-up.

If your child plays contact sports at school, ensure he or she uses a mouth guard.

Ask your dentist about this.

Your dentist is your go-to for advice on preventing dental injuries. Ask your dentists any questions you may have.

Ensure you and your child visit the dentist every six months even if there are no complaints or discomfort.

Dental Injuries in children : image showing two African girls playing on the beach
Dental Injuries in children : image showing an African boy playing at home with a robot
Dental Injuries in children : image showing a woman cleaning a floor
Dental Injuries in children : image showing a transparent mouthguard
Dental Injuries in children : image showing an African child receiving tooth brushing instructions

Dad and Mom,

We know your children are back to school and they love to play.

The tips we have shared will help keep their pearly whites in top shape all through the school term and during the holidays after.

We wish you an injury-free “ember-month” season

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