There are a number of options available to replace a missing tooth; one of them is a dental bridge which bridges gaps left by one or missing teeth. An artificial tooth or teeth (the pontic) replaces the tooth and is supported by adjacent natural teeth or implants (the abutment teeth). The pontic can be made from porcelain, metal (including gold) or a combination of these.


Your dentist will discuss the procedure with you, the procedure usually requires multiple visits. He will examine your mouth to ensure it is generally healthy and the hygiene is good. He will prepare:

  1. A temporary bridge.
  2. The abutment teeth upon which the temporary bridge will be fitted,
  3. the metal framework of the final bridge which will be tried-in at another visit.
  4. The final bridge which will be cemented with temporary cement for a trial period of 1-4 weeks. If the bridge is satisfactory, it will be cemented permanently


  • Book your follow-up appointment after the final visi
  • Maintain good oral hygiene to avoid complications
  • Eat less sugary or starchy foods that can cause tooth decay. Avoid chewing sticky or hard foods
  • Inform your dentist if you experience any pain or discomfort.
  • • See the dentist every six months even if you have no complaints


How long will a dental bridge last?

With good oral hygiene, a dental bridge can last up to a decade and even more.


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