Amina stared at the bathroom mirror, she could spot four holes in her teeth, one of which actually gave her much pain. She knew she needed to visit the dentist but she constantly avoided it. She hated injections and hated seeing the white coat.

She realised she was stuck. She decided to place a call to Schubbs Dental Clinic. Dental phobia or dental anxiety is an extreme fear of dental treatment that is out of proportion to the situation. Research has shown that like Amina, 5%-10% of adult dental patients have this fear.

It has been ranked 4th – 5th amongst 40 most commonly feared situations. The biggest challenge with dental phobia is that the individuals with this fear avoid dental treatment at the expense of poor oral health.

If you find that you have some anxiety or extreme fear about visiting the dental clinic, you are not alone and you can get help. The first step is realizing that whatever the case may be, your dentist can help you cope with it.

At Schubbs dental clinics, we are committed to giving you the best dental clinic experience, from reception to dental chair.


The following tips may help:

Facing your fears make them less worrisome. A healthy mouth starts with a visit to the dentist and that cannot be over-emphasized.

Ahead of your appointment, it might help to inform the clinic of your concerns and fears.

There is always someone at the other end of the line, happy to take your calls.

A problem shared is a problem half-solved and that is especially true when you speak to one of our dentists about your fears.

Regardless of the fear you feel, the entire team at Schubbs dental clinics is ready to help you face your fears.

When it is time for your dental appointment, you can take along a favourite book or headphones with some good music to make yourself more comfortable.

Whatever the reason for your fears, we can help you get to the bottom of it. Even if you have no pain or discomfort, you should still see a dentist every six months. This is important to help you keep your teeth in top condition.


What are the chances that my gums will heal after the treatment?

The gums have high repair and regenerative capacities. After treatment, the gums will usually heal very well.


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