Everyone likes to look their best and beautiful teeth can greatly contribute to anyone’s looks and confidence. For every dental procedure, top on the list of the objectives are good aesthetics and an improved appearance.

There are a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures which can be done to boost your confidence so that you can smile and shine. They include veneer placements, composite build ups, orthodontic treatments, enameloplasty, gum surgeries, tooth replacements, tooth whitening. These procedures can only be successful when the oral hygiene is good. Good oral hygiene is the first step to beautiful teeth.


  • Dental crowns: These are used to cap damaged or abnormally small teeth.
  • Inform your dentist of any concerns, complaints, irritation or pain you may experience after the denture is fitted
  • Composite build-ups and fillings: Useful for repairing chipped or cracked teeth. Composites can also serve as cosmetic replacements for amalgam fillings. A shade selection is done so that the composite used is the same shade as your natural teeth.
  • Orthodontic treatments: Sometimes, these treatments are more than just cosmetic, they can also be done to restore function. Whatever the case, the result is a functionally acceptable beautiful set of teeth.
  • Enameloplasty: Enamel reshaping or contouring can be used to make minor corrections to the length or shape of a tooth. Small amounts of enamel are removed and it is a painless procedure.
  • Gum surgeries: Can used to contour the gum shape or correct any abnormalities such as gum recessions or a gummy smile.
  • Tooth replacements: These include dentures, dental bridges and dental implants. Apart from restoring function, they restore a great smile.
  • Tooth whitening: Not everyone is a candidate for tooth whitening. Ask your dentist if it is okay for you to have it done.


Your dentist will introduce himself to you and listen to all your concerns.
He will take your history, examine your mouth and take radiographs if he needs to.
With his examination findings and your concerns in mind, he will draw out a treatment plan for you and discuss the options with you. He will discuss any treatment aims and limitations with you.
He may also discuss treatment costs with you.
Ensure you are clear about the expected results and the plans for maintenance after the procedure.
He will carry you along from start to finish to ensure you are in support of the treatment process.
Expect a much more beautiful smile at the end of the procedure


  • Book your next appointment before you leave the clinic.
  • Adhere to the post-procedure instructions given to you.
  • Ensure good oral hygiene. Ask your dentist to teach you how.


Do the results of these procedures last forever ?

Most dental treatments require follow up. Some procedures may need to be redone after a while.
Ensure you keep to your follow-up appointments

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