Guidelines - Step 1 of 7


In line with Schubbs’ policies on performance management and employee engagement, this appraisal form has been developed to give peers and subordinates the opportunity to contribute to the 360-degree performance evaluation.
This is a confidential document and all information contained within, especially the names of both the appraiser and the individual being appraised, are to be kept confidential by both the appraiser and the reviewer (HR Department) of this form.


  • The personal details of the individual being appraised will be filled by the necessary authority before being handed to the appraiser.
  • The appraiser should fill in their personal details.
  • Assistance from the HR Department can be provided but only in relation to explaining rating scales and giving definitions of the items being.
  • The appraisal form is to be completed in a private setting, with a representative of the HR Department present.
  • The rating scales for each section have been provided and should be followed.
  • There are comment sections for each item of assessment which have been provided to aid the appraiser in giving adequate justification for the rating being given. The appraiser is allowed to give any comments they might have in relation to the item being considered.
  • There are additional instructions per section which are provided to give a better understanding of the specific aims of each section.
  • In any area where the appraiser feels the item of assessment does not apply or that he/she is not in a position to accurately rate the individual, he/she can fill in “ not applicable” or “not in a position to comment”.