BLEEDING GUMS - An illustration of a toothbrush on bleeding gums

Ever experienced bleeding while brushing?

Have you ever suddenly noticed blood coming from your gums and wondered why?
It must have been strange because the gums probably didn’t hurt.

Here’s Segun’s experience with bleeding gums.

Segun stared at the blood in the washbasin, he remembered the umpteen promises he had made to himself to see a dentist. He racked his head for any reasons his gums should bleed while he brushed. He made up his mind to visit the dental clinic that very day.

Segun’s experience may be one you find familiar, while some people may frankly ignore blood coming from their gums, others may find it to be a cause of concern.

One thing to take away today is that it is not normal to bleed when you brush.
If you bleed when you brush, you need to see a dentist.


The most common cause of bleeding gums is inflammation of the gums (gingivitis). Gingivitis is usually caused by bacteria present in dental plaque on the teeth. The bacteria irritate the gums and cause an inflammation in the area that makes the gums bleed easily.
In some disease conditions such as bleeding disorders, hormonal disorders and diabetes, the gums may bleed spontaneously or after irritation. Some drugs cause gum swelling which may result in bleeding.

BLEEDING GUMS - An illustration of a toothbrush on bleeding gums


Gum bleeding caused by dental plaque is managed by regular scaling and polishing and with time, the gums will heal.

Book an appointment with any of our dentists if you are experiencing bleeding from your gums. You should see a dentist every six months even if you have no complaints or discomfort.


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